Hack Phase

Algorand Global Hackathon [Hot!]

Algorand hosted its biggest ever global virtual hackathon in Q4 2023 and will be back in mid 2024. Stay tuned for announcements on Algorand’s official social channels.

Hackathon Resources

We’ve put together several hack-specific aids which hackathon participants can use to their benefit for the duration of the event.

Name Details Dates
[Pre-Hack] Beginner Developer Bootcamp Each session will be 2 hours. Topics covered over the 4 days:

Session 1: Algorand Developer Onboarding with JavaScript SDK & AlgoKit Installation Session 2: Building a dApp with Beaker and Deploying with dAppFlow Session 3: Building & Debugging dApps with Beaker + PyTeal + PyTest Session 4: Adding a TypeScript Frontend UI to the Auction dApp

https://developer.algorand.org/events/algorand-developer-bootcamp-beginner-3/. | 2Oct - 5Oct, online | | [Pre-Hack] Intermediate Developer Bootcamp | This Algorand Bootcamp contains intermediate content which builds on the concepts previously covered in the Beginner Bootcamp.

https://developer.algorand.org/events/algorand-developer-bootcamp-intermediate-2/. | 9Oct - 12Oct, online | | [Hack] DevRel Office Hours | For more complex product and build advice on your hackathon project, the Foundation DevRel team will be available to help troubleshoot.

https://calendly.com/d/dr3-5vy-cv6/dev-rel-office-hours?month=2023-09. | Every Wednesday, 10AM-6PM (EST) | | [Hack] DevRel Discord | Q&A for any smaller issues you may encounter during your building journey.

https://discord.gg/84AActu3at. | 24/7 | | [Hack] Pera Wallet Office Hours | Chat with the Pera Team on wallet integration and/or other relevant technical difficulties.

https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0/appointments/schedules/AcZssZ0bEr_R6pMaMJwHjFV2d1WWlkyL0hJJuKNE6XPAi8xsLMOYgkkpU_K1qVl0uBczYNtl_OPGfdc1. | Every Wednesday, 10AM-6PM (EST) | | [Hack] Growth Workshop | The Head of Business Intelligence at Algorand Foundation will be hosting a session on market analytics, key metrics you should build towards in consideration of your project goals and how to achieve them. Q&A included.

*Only applicable to top projects that qualify for final pitching | TBD | | [Hack] Investor Workshop | The investor team at Algorand Foundation will be hosting a session alongside a VC partner to explain fundraising 101.

*Only applicable to top projects that qualify for final pitching | TBD |

For other non-hack specific mentors, you can find the full list under this portal’s Partner Services page.

Pre-Accelerator Phase [Coming Soon]

Here is a list of partners that run their own pre-accelerator programs for very early stage projects to get accelerator-ready. These will be most helpful for first time entrepreneurs coming out of our bootcamp and hackathon programs who need a little guidance on how to further their project idea.

Name Application Details Dates

Accelerator Phase

Here is a list of partners that run their own accelerator programs for early stage projects. These are for projects who already have an MVP and are looking to develop their product to main-net with the help of industry professionals. Outstanding Algorand projects have the opportunity to receive co-investment from the Partner and the Foundation.

Name Application Details Dates
https://www.hub71.com/i-am-a-startup https://airtable.com/embed/app58upkP7sGrjdWX/shrtdNolbjpRH34h2?prefill_Program=Hub71%2B+Digital+Assets&hide_Program=true by 15 Dec;
For project referrals please reach out to your AF contact. Dec 2023
https://www.cvlabs.com/services/accelerator — Batch_06 https://t.co/LkdhymStzX by 15 Dec Mar 2024
T-Hub Algorand Startup Labs https://programs.t-hub.co/algorand-startup-lab/ by 12 Feb
https://blockchain-founders.io/adrenaline — BFG SUPERSTARS SEASON 5
Web3 Startup Incubator Program
(blockchain agnostic) https://blockchain-founders.io/startup-incubator-bfg-superstars by 17 Feb Mar 2024
https://blockchain-founders.io/adrenaline — BFG X ALGORAND ACCELERATOR https://blockchain-founders.io/startup-accelerator-bfg-x-algorand by 10 Mar Apr 2024